Picnic, BBQ & Party Buddy

Picnic, BBQ & Party Buddy

You've found your perfect picnic spot and laid down the blanket!  "Des" is confirmed, you've remembered the corkscrew and glasses, but how are you keeping your bottle cool? 

AHSC Wine and Prosecco Coolers are made from the waste of the European Industry and are skillfully hand crocheted to create a dense structure that keeps your bottles cool using the same method neoprene would.  Just chill the bottle first and pop it in the cooler.  Take with.  That's it!  No fuss, no drama and you've saved some landfill... Just don't forget the food!

They also make stylish presents - just add the bottle and gift (no gift wrap required!).

Select from a range of colourful options: wine & prosecco coolers

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