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The Admiral Wine Cooler

The Admiral Wine Cooler

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Welcome to The Admiral - a navy and beige wine cooler.  A popular nautical inspired gift for those with sea legs and a penchant for a tipple! 

The Admiral keeps your chilled wine or champagne cool whilst you sit in the garden or you can even take him on your picnic - the boat is optional! 

All AHSC Wine Coolers are hand crocheted in recycled T-shirt yarn.  The density of the yarn and the tightness of the crochet stitch ensure your bottles keep cool (like neoprene, but kinder to the environment - after all, recycled T-shirt yarn is effectively salvage. 

These wine coolers are an exclusive AHSC eco friendly product and are made to order.  I aim to ship within 5 working days - you will be notified as soon as your wine cooler has shipped, and you can track your order thereafter.

Please note: Yarn colours may vary, according to availability (due to the nature of this yarn - it is waste after all), but the shades will be close to those pictured.  From time to time, I also update the design of my cork fabric logo tags, so the tag shown may not represent the tag on your wine cooler.

Approximate dimensions: height = 24 cm,  width = 15 cm, depth = 10 cm. 

Weight can vary between approx 300 - 450 g.

Care: Gentle hand or machine wash, air dry.

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